Quality factor and Price factor,which is more important for you?

  admin  2224browse   22 November 2017

How to weigh them when purchasing electronic weighing scales?

Now people get used to buying things online,and such a psychology is existing universally. For similar products,people often don’t consider the item with high price,meanwhile there’s no priority for the product with the lowest price. Finally many friends would like to buy cost-effective product,which is the item with high quality as well as reasonable price. In conclusion,a realistic thought is proved that people pay attention to both quality and price,furthermore quality factor obviously takes a dominant position compared with price factor.

Quality factor must be at the first consideration when buying products,otherwise the product with the least price is also useless for us if it can’t meet our requirements. Then how to check electronic weighing scale with good quality? Here’re several points valuable for reference.


Normally electronic weighing scale with high precision has the good quality,however this doesn’t mean other functions are unimportant. In current market many structures of different electronic weighing scales are almost the same,the difference only depends on material instead of technology. But the precision level mostly relies on technology rather than material,it is the key parameter for the electronic weighing scale which can determine the price directly. Therefore we should pay attention to the precision when purchasing scales,try to choose items with high precision and moderate price as well. It will be a high risk to choose a weighing scale at the expense of compromised precision.


Sensitivity is also an important factor for a electronic weighing scale. In general,we can choose the sensitivity upon our actual needs. This parameter mainly aims at most enterprises since quantity orders are frequently placed by the purchase department of enterprises. For enterprises,saving time is the primary purpose when carrying out a wide range of weighing task. A situation can be supposed,100 times weighing task for one person a day,if 10 seconds can be saved every time,then how much time can be saved for 100 persons with weighing task in an enterprise. So the visible saving from sensitivity factor should be on the consideration of course.


Aside from precision and sensitivity,stability is also must be considered. Although stability is not the priority factor,it’ll also help a lot when do weighing task. If an electronic weighing scale has high precision and good sensitivity,then stability will present its irreplaceable role. It will reduce a lot of troubles and data errors during weighing process. More accurate measurement results will be achieved because of less accumulative errors,thus avoiding the final mistake weighing data.

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