How to adjust the weighing unit of electronic scale?


In daily commercial use, Digital scal need to be equipped with different units for weighing according to needs.

For example, areas such as vegetable markets and supermarkets need to be weighed in kilograms, warehouse wholesale areas need to be weighed in kilograms, and some precise areas also need to be weighed in grams. So how to adjust the weighing unit of electronic scale?

Taking the Newtonian force pricing scale Q1P as an example:

weighing unit

To change the display specifications of the menu bar for the pricing scale, internal settings need to be entered.

In weighing mode, press and hold the 【 zhil 】 and 【 1 】 keys simultaneously to calibrate the specifications and weight (the calibration switch must be in the CAL_ON position)

Digital scale unit Specification

The 【 Z 】 and 【 P 】 keys select the cursor position, and the first and second values are used to change the weighing unit of electronic scale,

Enter numerical values with the number keys, select settings, and the specific values correspond to different units and accuracy specifications. Please refer to the values below.

Confirm the change with the 【 M+button and enter the weighing calibration interface.

Press the button to directly input the weight value that needs to be corrected,

Place the weight weight weight that flashes on the display screen (using a 500g weight for calibration)

Press the 【 M+ 】 button to complete the calibration, return to the weighing mode, and you can see the changed weighing unit.

pricing scaleDigital scale unit
weighing unitpricing scale
Digital scale unit

You can also click on the link to view the operation explanation for specific video operations.

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