How to change the input unit price for the pricing scale?


In daily life, people often need to calculate the price of weighing items. However, traditional mechanical pricing scale have many inconveniences in use, such as poor cost-effectiveness, low accuracy, and susceptibility to external interference. Therefore, a new type of electronic weighing scale - pricing electronic weighing scale - has been developed on the basis of traditional weighing scales. It can automatically input multiple different unit prices, calculate item prices with one click, store 40 unit price data and upload it to the server for storage and calculation analysis, with high accuracy and convenient operation.

This type of pricing scale is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, food processing factories, hardware stores, and other places.

The advantages of pricing electronic scales lie in high accuracy, fast speed, convenient use, and precise calculation. They can easily calculate the number of samples and improve work efficiency.

Easy operation of using Changzhou Newton force to price table scales and record quantities. You can refer to the following link:

pricing scaleQ1P计价秤使用操作~1.mp4

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